When Founders lose interest in their startups!

Here’s one perspective on mindset. EVERY entrepreneur, especially the first-timer, has dark days. When Founders lose interest in their startups!.Bored It’s what you do when the dark days outnumber the bright days that matters. It’s easy to begin to believe that you are not the right person to be leading your venture. Perhaps not! However, you were the right person to start the venture and that is the biggest step. I would add this to the advice in the article: Seek the help of others who have been in your shoes. You will learn that you are not alone in your feelings. If you doubt your leadership ability, ask the advice of others — not just your friends, but those who will cast a critical eye. Perhaps an adjustment to your management team is needed. There are hundreds, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of company founders who were CEOS, but found others to lead their company and became Chief Visionary or took some other position in the organization where they continued to add value. Those wise company founders were almost always richer (both financially and mentally) for having turned over the reins to someone who can take the company to the next level. Your thoughts? -Steve Hogan