Tony Lavia

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Tony offers over 20 years experience in building and growing high-tech companies, as a CEO, entrepreneur, Board member, and investor. He has led startups as CEO in Silicon Valley and in the Boston 128 Corridor, and developed businesses based on leading-edge technologies in wireless, networks, fiber optics, and the internet. Tony also held C-level positions in large and public companies as GM, CTO, Managing Director, and Head of Marketing and Sales. His experience includes overseas ventures in Europe and Asia.

Tony has published and presented several dozen papers in areas such as telecom, storage, and high tech management.

Tony’s specific areas of expertise include Executive Management, Operations, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Sales, Networking and Storage, B2B, B2C, Mobile, Engineering, Bioinformatics, Medical Devices and Mergers and Acquisitions. He has extensive international experience, speaks English, Italian and French, and is authorized to work in EU.