Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Your membership in the Investor Network administered and managed by Tech‑Rx LLC (“Tech-Rx” “we” “us”), with all of the benefits thereof, is subject to these Terms and Conditions:

Your Membership in the Network is Restricted. You must be at least 18 years old and meet the accredited investor standards of the Securities Act of 1933 as amended to implement the requirements of Section 413(a) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. If you are not a US resident you must also meet any applicable standards of your country of residence. By applying for membership, you are telling us that you understand and meet these standards, and that you are familiar with the merits and risks of investing in early-stage companies.

Your membership is subject to approval. You may terminate your membership in the Tech-Rx Investor Network at any time. However, to comply with applicable regulations, we must reserve the right to reject your application or to terminate your membership at any time.

You understand that Tech-Rx is not an investment fund, broker-dealer or investment adviser. We work to rescue failing companies and help them to access the required new capital from the members of our network. In doing so, we act on behalf of our Investor Network members and not as a placement agent of the companies. To help insure the success of the companies in which our network members invest, we may provide direct management assistance and oversight to the companies.

You are not required to make any investment. You alone make the determination if the proposed investments are appropriate for your investment strategy. We use our best efforts when analyzing the target companies and performing due diligence and work to keep our network members’ best interests in mind. However, please remember that you are investing in distressed companies and those companies might not be successful.

If you decide to invest, you will effectively be a shareholder of the target company. We intend that any gain on the sale of the company flow directly and immediately to you as a shareholder, and not be held by Tech-Rx for an indeterminate time. You may be required to sign a shareholder agreement with the company.

Participation will require quick investment decisions by you. Once we have selected a target company, performed our analysis, and obtained the approval of the current stakeholders of that company, we will present the investment opportunity to you. We will also hold a meeting and/or conference call where you may ask questions and get additional information. You will need to make your decision within a short period after that, typically ten days maximum.

You have no liabilities for Tech-Rx. As a member of our Investor Network, you will incur no liabilities for Tech-Rx.

There are no Membership Fees. Tech-Rx does not currently charge any type of membership fee. If we decide to in the future, you will never be charged any such fee provided that your membership has been continuous and has not been terminated.

Information provided to you may be Confidential Information. Information provided to you by Tech-Rx, including the details of company investment proposals, may be confidential information. Please do not disclose that information to anyone who is not authorized to receive it. Particularly, please do not share the details of company investment proposals with anyone who is not a member of our investor network. Instead, please ask them to consider network membership.

We will use electronic communications. Except where explicitly required or prohibited by law, you and we agree to communicate by email and that email is the equivalent of written communication. Our email address is admin@tech-rx.com.

Privacy Policy: The terms of the Tech-Rx Privacy Policy as then in effect will apply to all investor network activities unless a provision of these Terms and Conditions is in conflict with a provision of the Privacy Policy, in which case, the provision of these Terms and Condition shall apply.

We are a California LLC. Tech-Rx is a Limited Liability Company organized under the laws of the State of California, USA. You and we agree that California law applies to this agreement and that any disputes will be settled by binding arbitration and that our total liability to you is strictly limited to the amount of the current-year membership fee, if any, paid by you.

This is our agreement. These Terms and Conditions describe the entire agreement between you and us regarding membership in our network and specifically exclude any other statements by you or us. If we or you decide to change our agreement, it must be done in writing.