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15% is Bigger than Zero

We are big fans of bootstrapping here at Tech-Rx! Not only does it allow you to maintain direction for your company and focus on the product, but it delays the need for outside investors as long as possible. Every time you trade cash for company equity, you are decreasing your amount of ownership in the company you built from the ground up. But at one point you are going to need outside funding if you are planning to grow (unless you have a hefty inheritance in your back pocket). Continue reading

Tech-Rx Founders Make a Splash at Founders Space Roundtable

Our very own Tech-Rx partners, Philip Engelhardt and Bob McDonald will be speaking at tomorrow’s Founders Space Roundtable on positioning your startup to investors. Founders Space Roundtable is a monthly meeting where founders get together to share knowledge, solve problems and make connections.
Specifically, Philip and Bob will be presenting on how to gain traction with investors and what types of business models investors are attracted to. In addition to sharing what type of returns investors expect to see on their investments, Philip and Bob will also be speaking on a score of “How to” questions startups are always looking to answer.   These are examples of the types of “How to” questions that the panel will address:
  • How to ask for investment based on goals.
  • How to position your team as the ideal match for solving the problem.
  • How to prepare a credible financial scenario.
  • How to spot and correct weaknesses in your business plan.
  • How to manage the look and feel of your startup for success.
Tomorrow’s Founders Space Roundtable will be held Wednesday, May 29, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PDT). Here is the address to the event. SomaCentral 1 Market Street Steuart Tower, Fifth Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 Philip and Bob will be presenting alongside Peter Craddock of Shoreline Venture Management. The pair is thrilled to be speaking at tomorrow’s event and jointly hope founders will walk away from the session with a more solid understanding of investor relations.  For more information about the event, click here. Otherwise, we hope to see you there! -Nikki Griggs, Business and Marketing Associate, Tech-Rx