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Pivot Du Jour

Unless you are perfect, or a psychic, a pivot is a necessity of business. Let’s face it. Things happen. Whether it be marketing to the wrong customer base, adjusting the revenue model or reacting to a new competitor; businesses need to pivot. While it is essential to pivot from time to time; it is hazardous for companies to fall into the rookie mistake of the Pivot Du Jour. The Pivot Du Jour, which translates to the Pivot of the Day, can kill your business. There is a certain art to a pivot. Most of the time, it is not accomplished easily. Pivoting solves one issue but tends to open a Pandora’s box of new problems. Now if a company were to continue on this path of pivoting every time they ran into a problem, not only would they have new issue after new issue, but they would never get anything done! In fact, when a company is turning to the pivot as a solution too often, it may bring to question the execution abilities of the team. At the end of the day, it is about accomplishments to move the company forward. While a pivot is movement, it is horizontal rather than forward. Success takes time and perseverance. While we think it is necessary to change direction when plans are not panning out, we recommend staying grounded in experience and vision. Effective pivoting is a shift in strategy, not a change of vision. In essence, learn from the past while looking toward the future. What do you think about the impact and necessity of the pivot? Even better, do you know anyone suffering from Pivot Du Jour? – Nikki Griggs, Business and Marketing Associate, Tech-Rx