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Connect with Tech-Rx

While we would love to have coffee meetings with everyone we meet, we know that it just isn’t possible. With conflicting schedules, inbox overflow and distance constraints, it can be difficult to actually connect. Thus, we have created several avenues to connect!

While you can always check out our blog for updates, we also encourage you to follow us on Twitter, link with us on LinkedIn or sign up for our newsletter! Choose your preference below:


If you are reading our blog, we are pretty confident in assuming that you have a LinkedIn profile. A social network for professionals, we spend a lot of our allotted networking time on LinkedIn. So if you’re all about business, follow us on LinkedIn while you do your daily scan of industry news and network updates.


While we are fairly new on Twitter, we have already developed some great conversations! For a more casual means of communication, follow us on Twitter and we promise to follow you back. Should you wish to have a more private conversation, feel free to DM us!


If you would prefer to take a more passive approach to connecting with us, sign-up for our newsletter! In our newsletter, you will find company updates and the best of current industry news.

We appreciate your readership and want to do our best to help YOU! Are there any other topics that you would like to see us cover? Better yet, are there any topics that you would like to cover on our blog?

Send me a note at nikki [at] tech-rx [dot] com — we always value feedback!

 -Nikki Griggs, Business and Marketing Associate, Tech-Rx