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Tech-Rx operates an investment network which offers accredited investors access to unique investment opportunities that combine the best elements of private equity with early stage investing.

Late-stage investing in early stage companies.

Membership in the Tech-Rx Investor Network is risk-free. There are no membership fees. There is no obligation to invest any minimum amount of money. Our Investor Network members make their own determination whether or not to participate in individual investments on a case-by-case basis.

Our simple formula

Hard work that calls for unique, experienced talent.


Identify and qualify companies with interesting products or technologies, that we can lead to attractive exit opportunities.


Inject human capital by bringing in well-qualified, experienced and objective specialists.


Fuel the change with the right amount of financial capital.


Repostion the company for rapid acquisition or solid long-term growth.


Produce a meaningful return for all involved, including the current investors.

The Model Works

The Tech-Rx model represents a unique class of investment opportunity with:

Lower risk than a brand-new start-up

Shorter exit periods

Better risk-adjusted returns

Our model is a hybrid of the best practices of private equity and angel investing.

We use a non-traditional combination of active, hands-on management paired with new financial capital in a way that aligns the interests of the current investors, new investors and the company’s founders.

With all of the advantages of late-stage investing applied to early stage companies, this approach is a unique, promising and enjoyable alternative to conventional start-up investing.

This chart shows previous accomplishments of Tech-Rx team members. In every case, the team member served as CEO or in a C-level capacity directly leading the activity.

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Selected Accomplishments

Company New Investment ($mill) Return ($mill) Return
Webinar Provider  $0.1 $4.7 47.0x
Solid State Displays $0.5 $13.0 26.0x
GPS $0.5 $12.0 24.0x
Web-based TV News Production $1.0 $16.0 16.0x
Web-based Office Services $1.0 $5.0 5.0x
Healthcare IT $2.5 $12.0 4.8x
Specialty Telecom $7.0 $31.0 4.4x
7.4x avg 18.2x avg

These results reflect a 18.2x average return on new investment per company and a 7.4x overall (cash-on-cash) return on new investment across the portfolio. Each was accomplished in less than 42 months.