How We Do It

How we do it

It’s a Straightforward Three-Phase Process

Phase 1

Your Company

First Contact. Based upon information that the company provides, combined with our own research and expertise, we determine if we might be of help.

Companies can come to us either through an introduction to one of our partners, or through a direct submission; we value introductions and direct submission equally. Phase 1 takes from one-to-four weeks. If our criteria are met, we draft an agreement and share it with the company.

Phase 2

+ Tech-Rx

Your Company + Tech-Rx

Human and Intellectual Capital Investment. At a high level, we supply, or help to find, the necessary human and intellectual capital that the company needs to scale – engineering, operations, sales, marketing and leadership.

Because we wear the many different hats that co-founders often wear, the best way to think of Tech-Rx is an “interim co-founder”. We work with the company, literally alongside the team, actively, every day. Phase 2 stops when the Company is succesful.

Phase 3

+ Tech-Rx +

Your Company + Tech-Rx + $$

Capital. We help raise the required capital.

Often, part of our role as an “interim co-founder” is to help lead the syndication of a financing round. Depending upon the situation, investment may come from members of our Investor Network or others. Also, sometimes a company in Phase 2 may need a small amount of “bridge capital” to cover its operating expenses. We can supply “bridge financing” under certain conditions.

What’s in it for us?

We take our role as “interim cofounder” seriously! For our work in helping the company succeed, we ask for a meaningful amount of equity. Not preferred shares or anything else with a tricky preference, but rather common shares, just like the founders. We may also charge a fee to cover our legal and other expenses during Phase 2. We receive our compensation at some agreed-upon milestone, typically the close of the next fundraise.

To be perfectly clear — There is no equity or fee compensation up front.
Just like founders, we only make money if the company reaches a meaningful exit.