Don Mattrick Needs a Hat Trick

This morning’s news was brimming of stories surrounding Microsoft’s Don Mattrick taking over as Zynga’s CEO. While original CEO, Mark Pincus, is not completely out of the picture, Pincus will be taking the position of chairman and chief product officer. For the sake of Zynga, both Mattrick and Pincus will need to work together to nurse the company back to health.

Being CEO is hard, but taking over as CEO is even trickier. We know this because it is something we do when necessary. Although we mentioned it is tricky, there are a few things that Mattrick must keep in mind if he wants to turn Zynga around.

 Utilizing Pincus

Obviously the founder will be crucial to Zynga’s success, CEO or not. While Pincus couldn’t fair the weather as CEO, he is a valuable resource.  Just  because he is no longer CEO, he can still provide vision of where he would like the company to go with Mattrick holding the reigns on operations.

 Going Mobile

One of the reasons Zynga is amidst so much turmoil is their lack of speed in moving to mobile. Everything is moving towards mobile and if Zynga wants to stay afloat, they need to innovate quickly.

Repair Company Culture

It’s no secret that Zynga hasn’t been portrayed in the most positive light as of late. With news of mass layoffs, unhappy workers and unhappy investors, Mattrick has a lot of work to do in the morale department.

In order to best manage this transition; it is crucial for Mattrick to focus on the essentials. In the end, we want everyone to win in this game.

What other options do you foresee Mattrick running into? Even better, do you have any advice for the gaming savant?

– Nikki Griggs, Business and Marketing Associate, Tech-Rx