Data Room

Data Room Submission

Tech-Rx uses an online “dataroom” to gather documents relevant to our analysis of a company.  These documents are not be shared with anyone outside of the Tech-Rx organization.

Submission via e-mail

You may submit documents directly via email using the following information:

Send to:

Subject:  [your company name]

Attach files, for example:

  • One Pager (Executive Summary)

  • Pitch (Slide) Deck

  • Existing Cap Table

  • Current Financials

  • Business Plan

Do not put any information in the body of the message; it will be discarded.

We appreciate any documentation you can supply which will help us gain a better understanding of your company.

If you have questions or feedback about this process, please email and a Tech-Rx team member will be in touch with you.

Download this information in PDF form

Web form submission

If you prefer, you may use this contact form to upload and submit your documents.

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