Current Investors


Silicon Valley is commonly known as the valley of death with a readily embraced failure culture by companies and investors alike. While failure can often be seen as a growth opportunity for entrepreneurs, it carries a significant financial, cultural, and opportunity cost for businesses and investors.

We recognize that while some companies will inevitably taper off, many of these failures are preventable. Tech-Rx specializes in identifying and revitalizing companies with significant, unmet potential that we can confidently reposition for successful exits.

Tech-Rx consists of a strong team of Partners and Advisors with deep experience leading everything from startups to large companies in various industries. We have proven track records of successful exits. Our mission is to help all innovative businesses achieve their true potential.

As long as the technology fundamentally works and the market exists, we will help you take your investment to a meaningful exit.

Benefits for investors of struggling companies

  • Confidential Evaluation. We are experts at distinguishing untapped potential from unfeasible situations, and we provide complementary assessments and consulting to concerned companies.
  • Equality. We take a mission-driven investment approach to advance innovation. Current investors retain a meaningful stake in the company.
  • Professionalism. Our partners have extensive management experience in various industries with proven track records of successful turnarounds and exits.
  • Second Chance. We provide hands-on leadership, proven expertise, and capital to target feasible, 2-3 year exits at no cost to the current stakeholders.
  • Backup Strategy. If all else fails, we eliminate the expense and effort of winding down an early-stage company by reserving sufficient resources.