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Track Record

COMPANY EVP of Engineering Joined as a Software Engineer during PayPal's first year of operations Ultimately oversaw all aspects of software development Managed integration of the engineering team following PayPal’s acquisition by eBay

COMPANY Senior Director of Marketplace Technologies Managed a ~100-person cross-functional team including product management, development, quality assurance, and project management

COMPANY Chief Operating Officer and co-founder A social entrepreneurship venture promoting “startup city” initiatives – recognized as one of the most promising strategies for alleviating global poverty.

COMPANY A 501(c)3 non-profit, backed by Peter Thiel, promoting innovation in civil governance through human settlement of the ocean frontier. In 3 years, grew a community of thousands, published hundreds of pages of research, and exposed the idea to tens of millions of people through media coverage. Managing Director

Wind Up Copy James is an active early-stage investor with holdings in Matterport, Palantir Technologies and Xola.