Arnie Papp

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Arnie Papp

Arnie's international experience includes establishing operations in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Seoul and the U.S. He holds a Bachelor of Business and Master of Japanese Studies degrees from the University of Western Australia, conducted postgraduate research at the University of Tokyo, and is a graduate of the Senior Executive program at the University of Melbourne Business School.

Track Record

CALYPSO TECHNOLOGY - VP Global Head Pre-Sales, VP Asia-Pacific. Private, bootstrapped. Member of executive team that grew revenue from <$1mm to $220mm, EBITDA to $72mm. Grew company from 19 to over 500 people with operations in 15 countries.

INFINITY FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY - VP Asia-Pacific from pre-funding to post-IPO. Funded by Sequoia. NASDAQ IPO (Lead: Goldman Sachs), later acquired by Sungard Data Systems. Grew region from 0% to 25% of global revenue

GLOBALSIGHT CORPORATION - VP Global Head of Sales. Co-invested Series B with Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Raised Series C and D rounds from multiple VCs.

TECH-RX VENTURES - Partner. Special purpose venture fund focused on companies struggling to scale.

Pre-IPO investor in numerous startups including Facebook, Arista Networks, Ring Central and Good Technology. Speaks fluent Japanese.