Adviser Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for
Tech-Rx Advisers and Specialists

We want you to enjoy serving as a Tech-Rx Adviser or Specialist and believe that being transparent about our mutual expectations is the foundation of a satisfying experience. In that spirit, we ask that you read and agree to these Terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions govern your access to and use of the Tech-Rx LLC (“Tech-Rx” “us”, “we” , “our”) website (the “Site) and serving as a Tech-Rx Adviser or Specialist, and are in addition to the our standard website Terms of Service hereby incorporated. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions or you do not meet or comply with their provisions, you may not serve as a Tech-Rx Advisor or Specialist. Publicity – You agree that we may issue a press release or other form of publicity announcing that you are an adviser or affiliate of ours. You may do the same. Prohibited Use – We specifically prohibit the posting any incomplete, false or inaccurate information about yourself, or the posting of any material that is not entirely your own or for which you do not have full rights to use. Linking – You may use an approved Tech-Rx logo as the prompt to link from other Web sites to this Site, provided that such is conditioned on the user’s understanding and agreement that entry into this Site, in every instance, is subject to all the Site Terms of Service. We are not responsible for the content of any site linked to this Site. We may revoke your use of our logo or authorization to link to this Site as any time. This is not an Employment Relationship – You are not an employee of Tech-Rx and shall not be deemed to be at any time during the course of any assignment performed at the request of Tech-Rx, but rather are an independent contractor. You shall not be entitled to any benefits provided by Tech-Rx to its employees (such as health and disability benefits). You are not an agent of Tech-Rx and are not authorized to bind or act on behalf of Tech-Rx, and nothing herein shall create, expressly or by implication, a partnership, joint venture or other association between you and us. You shall be solely responsible for payment of all charges and taxes arising from your relationship with Tech-Rx. Confidentiality – In the course of your work with Tech-Rx or its client companies, you may have access to information that is considered confidential (“Confidential Information”). As a general rule, Tech-Rx does not sign confidentiality agreements but rather we are bound by our own Ethics Statement. We ask that you honor this while serving as an Adviser or Specialist and we may choose to terminate our relationship if you do not do so. Compensation for Due Diligence Work – We rely heavily upon our Partners, Advisers and Specialists to fulfill our mission of helping innovative young companies overcome major hurdles. Our philosophy is to align our success with that of our clients. Therefore, any compensation that you might receive from us is based upon your participation with individual Tech-Rx client companies, in line with these three principles:
  • Equity focus: Compensation is primarily in client equity, sometimes with a modest cash element.
  • Funding contingency: If we do not end up working with a client, or we do not succeed in closing a Tech-Rx-led funding round for them, nobody is compensated.
  • Walking our talk: Tech-Rx itself, and its Managing Partners, also abide by these principles.
The specific terms of compensation (if any) must be agreed to in writing between you and us. All compensation, for you and us, is contingent upon successful closing of a Tech-Rx-led funding round for the client. There is no guarantee of any kind that you will receive any compensation for client work undertaken on behalf of Tech-Rx. Compensation by Companies for Direct Engagements – We actively encourage companies to use the services of the Tech-Rx Advisors and Specialists in any way that might benefit them. We ask that, if you enter into a direct consulting or limited-term work agreement with any company as a result of being listed on our website and being promoted by us, you contribute a fee to Tech-Rx equal to 20% of the compensation you receive. Tech-Rx does a lot of pro bono work with startups and this will help us to mitigate somewhat the expense of doing so. Termination and Changes – Either you or we may terminate this arrangement at any time. If you have any Confidential Information of Tech-Rx or any client company, you agree to return it at that time. We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time. You agree that we shall not be liable to to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension, discontinuance or termination of our services or of our arrangement with you. In the event of termination or cancellation, provisions of these Terms and Conditions related to Indemnity, Intellectual Property, Exclusion of Warranties and Limitation of Liability shall survive. Tech-Rx LLC is a California Limited Liability Company. These Terms and Conditions are effective as of 24 November 2014.