Adviser Invitation

Tech-Rx Adviser and Specialist Network

Thanks for your interest. We’d like to invite you to join the Tech-Rx Adviser and Specialist Network.

At Tech-Rx, we believe that every innovation, big or small, propels society forward. Unfortunately, the vast majority of innovative products never make it to market, and promising technology gets buried in the process. Our mission is to help all innovative businesses achieve their true potential by providing the necessary leadership, expertise, and capital.

Our Advisers and Specialists are key to this process. We regularly come across companies that are making major mistakes with their business because they are lacking critical expertise. Experts like yourself can help steer them back on track.

Our Method

Here’s how being a Tech-Rx Adviser or Specialist works:

  • Company Information: With your consent,  we’ll regularly e-mail you summaries of companies under evaluation (on a confidential basis).  These will have already undergone a preliminary screening so that we’re not wasting your time with companies that are clearly not a fit for Tech-Rx. If you can contribute, we ask for your feedback within a few days.
  • Volunteer:  Let us know if you’re interested in being involved with a particular company, and in what capacity.
  • Assignment:  We’ll do our best to find a spot for you on the team.  Assignments may vary widely, based on your interest, availability, and fit with the company’s needs.  They may range from a few hours of due diligence work with Tech-Rx to full-time employment.
  • Consulting Prospects:  Some companies do not require the full “Tech-Rx Treatment” but will benefit greatly from the expertise of our Advisers and Specialists.  When we find these, we will introduce you directly to them.


Tech-Rx’s philosophy is to align our success with that of the companies we are helping.  This defines the three principles of our compensation structure:

  • Equity focus:  Compensation is primarily in equity, with a modest cash element.
  • Funding contingency:  If we do not end up working with a particular company, or we do not succeed in closing a Tech-Rx-led funding round for them, nobody is compensated.
  • Walking our talk:  Tech-Rx itself, and its Managing Partners, all abide by these principles.

The amount of equity to be received is generally negotiated by Tech-Rx during our final due diligence phase.  Typically, there is no equity compensation in cases where an Adviser or  Specialist is expected to spend less than 10 hours on a particular company.  In some cases, there is a modest cash compensation for time spent.   In addition, some situations will provide opportunities to directly engage in ongoing consulting or employment relationships with a company.


We keep the Team Page of our website updated to reflect our active Advisers and Specialists.   We ask that you engage with at least a couple of companies per year to remain listed on the website.

Engagements can be short (a few hours) or long (full-time employment).  Often, they will start short as we assess the client, and deepen if you discover there’s a good mutual fit.  In either case, the primary driver is your interest and availability in working with a particular company.

Next Steps

To join, please click below to complete our Adviser/Specialist Information Profile and Agreement.  It’s a minimal-commitment agreement that lays out some basics such as compensation, confidentiality, and liability protection.  We’ll begin the on-boarding process once we receive your information.

Steve Hogan
Founder & Managing Partner