5 Blogs to Add to Your RSS Feed

Staying current with the newest trends and latest news is crucial to developing and maintaining innovation within your company. For this reason and for your own personal development, we recommend making time in your day for daily reading. Some people can suffice with 30 minutes while others can allocate a couple hours. It is important to be efficient with whatever time block you are willing to allot for daily reading.

With a whopping 181 million blogs, daily reading can become a daunting task! In addition to the usuals such as is GigaOm, Wired, TechCrunch, Technorati, PandoDaily and not to mention Guy Kawasaki’s blog “How to change the world.” How is it possible to filter all the noise?

Below are five blogs we read which provide the best and most succinct content. And without further ado, our top five blogs.

Church of the Customer

With the authors being management consultants, this blog is a gold mine for case studies. Through examples of business successes and failures, entrepreneurs can learn from other’s mistakes.

Venture Hacks

Ever heard of Angel List? Well you can thank these guys for that! The authors of this blog are avid startup advisors, former entrepreneurs and current investors. Needless to say they know what they are talking about. Venture Hacks offers how-to guides on the basics. They are a great destination for guest posts by influential entrepreneurs and VCs.


Pando Daily is the site-of-record for everything Silicon Valley. As one of the leading stars of the tech blogging space, it’s a mandatory daily read.

And a few of the lesser known angel blogs:

Angel Blog

This is yet another a daily stop for angel investors. The blog covers a wide variety of topics and often links to other blog posts. All in all, Angel Blog is an excellent resource.

LinkedIn Today

And saving the best for last: LinkedIn Today. One of your best bets is LinkedIn Today. Take the time to customize your LinkedIn Today and it will provide some of the best content around that is relevant to you.

What do you think of our list? Are there any blogs that you think we should add?

Happy reading!

-Nikki Griggs, Business and Marketing Associate