3 Reasons Why µPE™ is Better

There are dozens of articles on venture capital, private equity and angel investing, but what about µPE™ – Tech-Rx’s Micro Private Equity model? µPE™ is a new asset class that has yet to be fully realized by the industry. However, it is truly an appealing and promising investment model that traditional investors should take notice. Below are three reasons why µPE™ should perk your ears.

1.    µPE™ is lower risk.

µPE™ is lower risk than investing in a brand-new startup because there are fewer unknowns as they are later in the game. By making the investment later in the game, you benefit by knowing if the technology works, what the market response is, what the strengths and weaknesses of the current team are, what the operational effectiveness of the company is, plus knowing what has or has not worked previously.

2.    µPE™ has shorter exit periods.

µPE™ targets 24 to 36 month exits, which is much shorter than typical angel and venture capital investments.

3.    µPE™ is the virtuous investment.

Forget the money to be made, µPE™ breathes life back into a faltering company and is beneficial for society! It saves a technology and prevents wasted capital! It is the ethical investment.

What are your thoughts on µPE™?

Are there any rival asset classes comparable to µPE™ that you can think of?

Let us know!

-Nikki Griggs Business and Marketing Associate, Tech-Rx