Micro Private Equity - a one-of-a-kind opportunity for sophisticated investors.

Investment Opportunities from Tech-Rx

Tech-Rx’s Micro Private Equity Investment Model – μPE® – captures promising opportunities among struggling early-stage companies using a non-traditional combination of active, hands-on management paired with new capital in a way that aligns the interests of current investors, new investors and the company’s management team.

With all of the advantages of late-stage investing applied to early-stage companies, the μPE® approach is a unique, promising and enjoyable alternative to conventional start-up investing.

μPE® Represents an Untapped Class of Rare Investment Opportunities

  • Lower risk than investing in a brand-new start-up.

    Our investment decisions contain fewer unknowns, because we have the invaluable benefit of knowledge not available at launch and can filter for companies with problems we know we can solve.

  • Shorter exit periods.

    We target 24 to 36 month exits vs. the historical average of 42 months for traditional angel investments.1

  • Better risk-adjusted returns.

    Based on our team’s track record as shown below, we project 3 to 5x returns vs. the historical average of 2.6x for traditional angel investments.1

μPE® Investing Works

Company2 New Investment ($ milions) Return ($ milions) Return
1 $0.1 $4.7 47.0x
2 $0.5 $13.0 26.0x
3 $1.0 $16.0 16.0x
4 $1.0 $5.0 5.0x
5 $2.5 $12.0 4.8x
6 $7.0 $31.0 4.4x
7 $5.0 $20.0 4.0x
8 $4.5 $15.0 3.3x
9 $1.5 $2.0 1.3x
5.1x avg 12.4x avg

This chart shows previous achievements of Tech-Rx team members. Each of these companies was on the verge of shutdown with an estimated salvage value of less than $1 million. In every case, the team member served as CEO or in a C-level capacity directly leading the activity.

These results reflect a 12.4x average return per company and a 5.1x overall (cash-on-cash) return across the portfolio. Each was accomplished in less than 42 months.

Join Our Exclusive Investor Network

Tech-Rx operates an exclusive investor network offering μPE® investments. The Tech-Rx Investor Network provides transparency and direct control, benefits that are often missing in more-traditional investment fund scenarios. [Learn more about the differences.]

Membership in the Tech-Rx investor network is exclusive to accredited investors. [Why?]

  • Receive no-obligation access to restricted μPE® deal flow.

    We actively seek out these unique opportunities and perform extensive due diligence before presenting them exclusively to our Network Members who individually make their own decisions and are under no obligation to invest.

  • Benefit from a proven investment process.

    Our carefully-crafted process aligns the interests of all stakeholders – current investors, management and new investors – and gets results. [Learn more]

  • Benefit from a proven Professional Team.

    Tech-Rx has a team of experienced specialist partners, advisers and affiliated executives with an impressive track record of creating value from struggling companies.  [Meet the Team]

  • Network with other like-minded investors.

    Tech-Rx sponsors valuable networking events (in addition to company evaluation sessions) available exclusively to our Network Members to provide a forum for thought exchange and a chance to discuss opportunities and challenges.

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  • 1: Wiltbank, Robert and Boeker, Warren, Angel Investor Performance: Presentation (11/2/ 2007). 2007 Kauffman Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Data.
  • 2: Company names redacted due to confidentiality requirements.